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Below the Waves: Timmy's Quest

Written & illustrated by Chris Trefz


My Milwaukee
Sunday, October 24, 2010

I read Below the Waves Timmy's Quest to a group of 25 kindergarten through 3rd graders. They really liked it! As we were reading the book the children were commenting on the illustrations-they liked the subtle colors and the soft lines. Theillustrations appear to be pencil drawn and shaded then filled with colors!

A few comments the children shared were: "There aren't many stories about an octopus." "I like the colors." "The ocean looks like a fun place to visit but not live-I would be wet all the time!" "Timmy must have been scared to travel so far from home." "Timmy was smart to use the chest to carry his clams." "Timmy can't use the gold because they don't use money in the ocean."

Below the Waves Timmy's Quest certainly gave my kiddos something to think about! We are planning to read it again-it is a great book to share with little ones-the book was easy to understand and used simple language. Also great pictures to talk about. The children really liked Timmy and was worried about him and how the story would end up.

A great addition to any child's library!

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My Springfield
Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Timmy is a young, curious and pretty brave little octopus and his quest is nothing short of finding the best treasure under the sea. With his fabulous debut book, Trefz strikes the perfect balance between the excitement small listeners want and the gentle story that warms the heart. This may be Timmy's first quest, but it most certainly is not his last."

My daughter loves Below the Waves, Timmy's Quest. The story is simple and understandable and is one you can feel safe reading to your child. The images follow the story, so children who may not yet know how to read will be able to follow the story with or without you there to help.

Without giving the story away I think this book shows that everything is relevant to what you need in life. For example a treasure of gold is useless toan octopus, but the chest the gold is may just be when he needs for collecting dinner for his family.

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